About us

Being an independent asset manager allows us to fully focus on our clients ensuring that we can accompany them beyond traditional asset management. Our approach is tailor made and our dedication is to build long and successful relationships with clients.

Our diverse and multi-lingual team has significant experience collaborating with European, American, Middle Eastern and Asian institutions & clients over the past 30 years.

About Shard Capital

Being part of Shard Capital gives us multiple possibilities into direct private equity, immigration solutions, as well as capital advisory for our entrepreneur clientele.

Shard Capital is an independent financial services company headquartered in London, offering a full range of broking, asset management and corporate capital services. Its strength lies in the balance it strikes between established business and start-up attitude, and the ability to provide clients with a truly tailored approach.

Its business areas are distinct from each other but benefit from shared expertise, networks and resources to suit a diverse range of private, institutional, intermediary and corporate client needs.